Art Direction – Zetland


Art Direction – Zetland

Zetland.dk is a subscription-based online service, delivering daily publications of feature journalism, publishing on a custom-built platform that integrates the members in the editorial process in every way imaginable.

I worked as assistant art director to design director Katinka Bukh and had the responsibility of developing the visual concepts for the stories as well as assembling the front page. 

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For an article Jacob Jessen wrote on the many contradictions in Trump's foreign policy, I made this collage from press images. 

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For an article about energy drink by Marie Carsten Petersen, I asked the paper artist Ollanski to fold and animate cans and coffee cups in paper. See the animations and the infographics we made with his probs here


All media outlets used the same portraits of former FBI-director James Comey, when he was in trial, so I asked Lorenzo Gritti to draw him. Read the story by Mads Staghøj and Thomas Hebsgaard here.


Mads Staghøj and Lea Korsgaard had the crazy idea to explain the possible future of the European Union in less than 2 minuts. Mads and I developed the script and the visual concept, and we asked the good guys from Benny Box to do the animation. Watch the result above and read the full article here

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For an article Mads Staghøj wrote on refugees in Europe and Turkey, I wanted the photos to reflect the extent of the situation, so I asked Rasmus Degnbøl, if we could use his drone photos from the project Europes New Borders.  


For the article Hvorfor en kop te med terrorister ikke er svagt, men smart – og modigt, I comissioned illustrator Andrea Ucini.


For our summer series, notable people explained what they would change about the world, such as restructuring the UN, or encouraging heavy smoking. I comissioned Jackie Lay to do animated portraits of each of the rulers. As a concept we decided to give them crowns that corresponded with the subject of their essay. 


For an article by Jacob Jessen commenting on the Danish primeminister's Lars Løkke's reading of Matador as an example of disruption, I photoshopped Løkke into a frame from the Danish tv-series.

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For our summer series, we wanted to tell stories of people who change the world. I found this series by photographer Emile Ducke, who photographed a medical train in rural Siberia, which provides basic health care to underserved remote towns. See the series here

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Thomas Hebsgaard worked on a story on the disproportion in wage development for executives compared to workers. It was heavy on numbers, so we decided to tell it mainly through infographics. I asked Jørgen Stamp to draw the illustrations and Michael Larsen to put together the graphics.


For the article Det er ikke den skamfulde populismevælger, der vrider meningsmålingerne af led. Det er myten om, at han findes I commissioned Jørgen Stamp to draw a shameful voter.

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